How to Print Barcode Labels for Amazon FBA

Efficient label printing plays an important role in the success of sellers on Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) platform. About working in a thriving e-commerce enterprise, how merchandise is labelled and offered can considerably impact gross sales, buyer satisfaction, and total operational effectiveness. Correct and well-executed label printing ensures that merchandise is correctly recognised, tracked, and ready for cargo, enhancing the shopper’s expertise and streamlining the achievement process.

With this complete information, we are going to delve into the important points of label printing for Amazon FBA, offering invaluable insights, sensible suggestions, and professional suggestions to assist sellers in maximising effectiveness and increasing their gross sales potential. By mastering the artwork of label printing, sellers can improve their product visibility, preserve stock accuracy, and deliver distinctive purchasing expertise to clients. So, let’s discover the world of label printing for Amazon FBA and unlock the key to success within the extremely aggressive e-commerce market.

Understanding FBA Labels:

FBA labels, or Success by Amazon labels, are an integral part of the packaging and transport process for sellers utilising Amazon’s FBA programme. These labels function as a method of identification and monitoring for merchandise saved and fulfilled by Amazon on behalf of sellers.

FBA labels sometimes embody very important information, such as the product’s ASIN (Amazon Customary Identification Quantity), the FNSKU (Success Community Inventory Holding Unit) assigned by Amazon, and the barcode related to the product. These labels play a major role in streamlining the achievement course by enabling environmentally friendly stock administration, order processing, and cargo monitoring.

Definition and significance of FBA labels
The importance of FBA labels extends beyond mere identification. They’re important for guaranteeing correct stock monitoring, minimising errors throughout the achievement course, and facilitating seamless coordination between sellers and Amazon’s achievement facilities. By adhering to Amazon’s labelling necessities, sellers can keep away from delays, stop mislabeled or misplaced stock, and supply clean purchasing expertise for their clients.

Understanding the definition and significance of FBA labels is essential for sellers utilising Amazon FBA. By correctly applying these labels to their merchandise, sellers can reap the benefits of the intensive achievement infrastructure supplied by Amazon, profit from environmentally friendly order processing, and, in the end, improve their promoting expertise on the platform.

Guide label printing is a typical technique utilised by sellers to create and apply labels to their merchandise for Amazon FBA. This strategy permits sellers to have extra management over the labelling course of action and is commonly most well-liked for smaller-scale operations or when instant label printing is required. Here’s a step-by-step information for handbook label printing:

  1. Collect the mandatory supplies: To start, collect the supplies needed for handbook label printing. These sometimes embody a PC or laptop computer, a dependable printer, label sheets appropriate for your printer, and adhesive tape or a label applicator.
  2. Entry into Amazon Vendor Central: Log in to your Amazon Vendor Central account and navigate to the “Handle Stock” part.
  3. Choose the product: Find the product you need to print labels for and click on the “Edit” button next to it.
  4. Generate the labels: Inside the product’s modifying web page, click on the “Print merchandise labels” possibility. This may prompt Amazon to generate a PDF file containing the labels for your product.
  5. Configure the label settings: Open the PDF file and be sure that the label settings, similar to label measurement and amount, are accurately configured in keeping with your label sheets and printer specs.
  6. Print the labels: Load the label sheets into your printer and proceed to print the labels utilising the “Print” operation on the PDF viewer or printer software programme. Be certain that the print’s high quality is evident and legible.
  7. Minimise and apply the labels: As soon as the labels are printed, meticulously reduce them along with the supplied tips. Then, affix every label securely to the corresponding product using adhesive tape or a label applicator. Take note of the correct alignment and placement to ensure straightforward scanning and readability.
  8. Confirm label accuracy: After making use of the labels, double-check that every product has the proper label, together with the ASIN, FNSKU, and barcode. This step is essential to taking care of stock accuracy and keeping away from potential points throughout the achievement course.

By following this step-by-step information, sellers can successfully print labels manually for their Amazon FBA merchandise. Whereas handbook label printing could also be extra time-consuming in comparison with automated strategies, it affords flexibility and management over the labelling course of action, making it a viable possibility for sellers with smaller inventories or particular labelling necessities.

Thermal label printing

Thermal label printing is a well-liked technique utilised by sellers to print labels for their Amazon FBA merchandise. This technique makes use of thermal printers that produce high-quality labels by applying warmth to a particular thermal paper. Right here, we discover the advantages and the method of thermal label printing:

Advantages of Thermal Label Printing:

  • Time-saving and environmentally friendly: Thermal label printing affords quick printing speeds, permitting sellers to generate labels quickly and effectively, even for giant portions of merchandise. This may considerably streamline the labelling process and save invaluable time.
  • Value-effective: Thermal label printing eliminates the necessity for ink cartridges or toners, lowering ongoing printing prices. The one consumable required is thermal paper, which tends to be extra reasonably priced in comparison with conventional label printing.
  • Excessive-quality and legible labels: Thermal printers produce crisp, clear, and smudge-free labels. The warmth switch course ensures that the labels stay sturdy and legible, offering optimum scanning and readability throughout the achievement course.
  • Straightforward integration with label software programmes: Thermal printers seamlessly combine with numerous label printing software programmes and platforms. This permits sellers to customise and automate the label printing process, lowering handbook effort and increasing accuracy.

Strategy for Thermal Label Printing:

Choose an appropriate thermal printer. Select a thermal printer that’s appropriate for Amazon’s label necessities. Be certain that it helps with the label measurement and specs for your merchandise.

Set up the printer and software programme: Set up the thermal printer by following the producer’s directions. Moreover, set up any essential label printing software programmes or drivers that are appropriate for the printer.

Configure label settings: configure the label settings within the label printing software programme, together with the label measurement, margins, and any particular necessities stipulated by Amazon.

Generate labels from Amazon Vendor Central: Enter your Amazon Vendor Central account and navigate to the “Handle Stock” part. Choose the specified merchandise and generate the labels utilising the “Print merchandise labels” possibility.

Print the labels: With the thermal printer connected and configured, choose the option to print the labels from the label printing software programme. The thermal printer will use warmth to switch the label design onto the thermal paper, leading to high-quality printed labels.

Apply the labels: As soon as the labels are printed, fastidiously reduce them if wanted and apply them to the respective merchandise. Guarantee correct alignment and placement for simple scanning and readability.

Thermal label printing affords sellers quite a few advantages, including time and cost savings, high-quality labels, and seamless integration with label printing software programmes. By following the outlined course, sellers can effectively print professional-looking labels that meet Amazon’s necessities and improve the achievement course.

Label printing providers

Skilled label printing providers present another answer for sellers preferring to outsource their label printing needs. These providers supply comfort, experience, and high-quality printing capabilities. Here is a summary of the skilled label printing choices accessible to Amazon FBA sellers:

Third-Celebration Printing Firms: There are specialised printing corporations that concentrate on offering label printing services tailored to the wants of e-commerce sellers. These corporations have the mandatory tools, experience, and infrastructure to deal with large-scale label printing necessities. Sellers can merely present their label design and specs, and the printing firm will maintain the remainder. Some corporations even provide extra services similar to design customization and label utility.

Amazon Partnered Label Suppliers: Amazon has partnered with sure label suppliers who supply label printing providers, particularly for Amazon FBA sellers. These suppliers have been vetted and permitted by Amazon, guaranteeing compliance with Amazon’s labelling necessities. Sellers can choose from an inventory of permitted suppliers inside their Vendor Central account and simply submit their label design for printing. This selection affords comfort and seamless integration with the Amazon platform.

Print-on-Demand Providers: Print-on-demand (POD) providers are a choice for sellers who require labels for a restricted variety of merchandise or have variable labelling needs. These providers permit sellers to add their label designs and order custom-printed labels as desired. POD providers are helpful for sellers with smaller inventories or those that require flexibility in label design or personalization.

Native Printing Firms: Native printing corporations in your area might supply label printing services tailored to e-commerce sellers. These corporations can typically provide personalised service, fast turnaround times, and the choice of in-person communication and help. Native printing corporations are generally a handy selection for sellers who prefer a hands-on strategy or have particular necessities that may be addressed using direct collaboration.

When contemplating skilled label printing providers, sellers ought to consider elements similar to value, turnaround time, printing quality, buyer help, and any extra services provided. It is essential to choose a dependable and respected supplier that aligns with the particular wants and targets of the enterprise.

By using skilled label printing providers, sellers can profit from the experience and sources of specialised printing corporations, guaranteeing high-quality labels, environmentally friendly processes, and the flexibility to deal with different points of their enterprise.


In conclusion, efficient label printing is significant for Amazon FBA’s success. It ensures correct stock administration, clean order achievement, and optimistic buyer expertise. By addressing frequent challenges, similar to alignment errors and barcode scanning points, and exploring choices like thermal printing or skilled providers, sellers can optimise their label printing course of action. Mastering label printing is a key step in maximising effectiveness and attaining success within the aggressive world of Amazon FBA.


What are the label necessities for Amazon FBA merchandise?
Amazon requires labels to incorporate the ASIN, FNSKU, and barcode. Labels need to be clear, legible, and meet particular measurement and placement tips.

Can I print labels using a daily inkjet or laser printer?
Whereas it’s doable to print labels utilising inkjet or laser printers, thermal printers are beneficial for higher quality, sturdiness, and compatibility with Amazon’s labelling necessities.

Is it essential to make use of skilled label printing providers?
Utilising skilled label printing providers isn’t obligatory, but it might provide comfort, experience, and high-quality printing capabilities, particularly for large-scale operations or sellers with particular wants.

How can I ensure the accuracy of printed labels?
To ensure label accuracy, always double-check the data on the labels, together with the ASIN, FNSKU, and barcode. Carry out a look at prints, confirm alignment, and think about using barcode scanners to examine scanning capabilities.

What should I do if I encounter label printing points or errors?
Should you encounter label printing points, first examine your printer settings, label design, and alignment. Carry out troubleshooting steps similar to cleansing the printer heads or updating the printer drivers. If the issue persists, seek the advice of the printer producer or seek help from skilled label printing providers.

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