Must Have Electronics for Furnishing Your Sitting Room in Style

The sitting room is the heart of leisure and entertainment in most homes. Outfitting this space with the latest electronics keeps your lounge up-to-date, enjoyable, and able to impress guests. But with so many electronic options, which gadgets and appliances provide the biggest benefits for enhancing your sitting area?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the must-have electronics for creating a cozy yet impressive sitting room suited to your unique needs. Let’s dive into the essential entertainment and smart devices that will take your sitting room to the next level!

Must Have Electronics for Furnishing Your Sitting Room in Style

Essential Entertainment Electronics

These entertainment electronics provide core sitting room functionality:


A centerpiece flatscreen TV with a streaming device or cable/satellite service delivers shows, movies, and more. Mount it or place on an AV stand.


Quality speakers connected to the TV, a stereo, or wirelessly via Bluetooth ensure full-range audio. Bookshelf, floorstanding, in-wall, and soundbar options exist.

Media Player

A media player like Roku, Fire TV, or Apple TV makes streaming shows easy and adds smart capabilities.

Smart Convenience Electronics

Advanced electronics also introduce helpful smart features:

Voice Assistant

A device like Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple HomePod allows convenient hands-free voice control of other sitting room electronics.

Wireless Lighting

Smart light bulbs like Philips Hue can be controlled and automated via smartphone apps and voice commands.

Smart Thermostat

Controlling the home’s temperature and climate via phone helps maintain the sitting room’s comfort.

Audio Electronics for Amazing Sound

Audiophile electronics enable movie, music, and gaming immersion:

Surround Sound System

A multi-speaker surround system with a powerful AV receiver provides cinematic sound for films and shows.

Wireless Speakers

Stream music from smartphones and services to speakers for room-filling audio conveniently via Bluetooth.


Wireless headphones allow enjoying immersive sound from the TV privately late at night without disturbing others.

Gaming and Leisure Electronics

Enhance leisure time with these electronics:

Video Game Consoles

Gaming systems like Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch connect to the TV for interactive fun.

eBook Reader

An e-reader enables comfortably catching up on the latest reads.

Digital Photo Frames

Show off family memories using connected digital photo frames that can display selected albums.

Smart Home Automation Options

Linking sitting room electronics creates an automated smart lounge:

  • Control lights, climate, TV, and more from one dashboard app or via voice assistant.
  • Create lighting scenes like “Movie Night” and activate multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Set sitting room electronics on routines based on time of day or activity.

Home automation takes convenience and control to the next level!

Tips for Organizing Electronics

Follow these placement tips for a streamlined look:

  • Mount flatscreen TVs on the wall to save space.
  • Place cables and wires neatly inside wall-mounted cable management boxes.
  • Group related electronics like media players and game consoles near the TV stand.
  • Get creative with concealed built-in storage for a hidden look.

Proper planning prevents a cluttered electronics-filled sitting room.


The right mix of entertainment, convenience, and smart electronics helps create the ultimate sitting room suited to any lifestyle. Aim for a complete experience encompassing immersive TV and audio, gaming, automation, and clever aesthetics.

Remember to incorporate room aesthetics and ergonomics when selecting and placing electronics. With some creativity, you can outfit a sitting space with electronics that blend chic style and practical function. Your lounge will become the home’s ultimate hangout and entertainment destination.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sitting Room Electronics

Here are some common questions about electronics for sitting rooms and lounges:

What is the ideal television size for a sitting room?

Aim for 40”-65” for most sitting rooms. Scale up TV size if home theater experience is a priority or the space is very large.

Should I get a soundbar or surround sound speakers?

For simpler setups, a soundbar suffices. For home theater surround sound, multiple speakers and an AV receiver are best.

Which streaming device is the most user-friendly?

Roku devices offer an intuitive interface. Apple TVs integrate well into the Apple ecosystem. Amazon Fire TVs feature Alexa built-in. All are beginner-friendly.

Where should I place smart speakers in the sitting room?

Put smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home near seating areas but away from noise sources. Their microphones need to clearly pick up voice commands.

What AV receiver wattage is ideal for the average sitting room?

Aim for an AV receiver power rating of around 100 to 150 watts per channel to sufficiently power bookshelf and tower speakers in most sitting room setups.

Should I hide all cables and wires for a clean look?

Yes, conceal cables inside wall-mounted conduits, cable boxes, raceways, and under furniture for clean lines. This prevents a cluttered look.

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